Shahnaz Radjy

***My debut young adult fantasy novel is out!***

"Flight of an Orphan Thief" is a young adult fantasy novel that came out in March 2024

What’s the book about?

Living on the streets of Thapis, Ayla doesn’t know where she really comes from—and she tells herself she doesn’t care. Her only concerns are to survive until the next day and keep her fiery temper in check. When she is framed by a redhead rat-excrement-for-brains who barely even qualifies as her nemesis and gets in trouble with the law, Ayla is given an unexpected second chance as a messenger for the wealthy Hammond merchant family that seems too good to be true. But just as she starts believing in fresh starts, Ayla finds herself ensnared in a cobweb of intrigue between Hammond House and their rival, Rouka House. When she embarks on her most critical mission yet, she is betrayed and caught. That’s when her feral nature, so far dormant, emerges. It puts Ayla on the wrong side of history, and she realizes she cannot go back to her old life until she figures out who—and what—she really is.

What you can expect

Some of the elements you can expect from Flight of an Orphan Thief include:

  • Light fantasy setting
  • Coming of age story
  • Angry teenager
  • Second chances
  • Chosen family
  • Adventure & intrigue

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