Shahnaz Radjy

Below, is a sample of the articles I have written over the past few years – author interviews, scientific writing, fiction, non-fiction… and I also write about our “farm renovation into an ecotourism project” journey on the Casa Beatrix blog.

In other words, I’m not very good at fitting into boxes, but the common denominator across the board is that I’m curious and love both learning and writing.

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Ecological Collapse: Why We Should Return to Nature

(Impakter, September 2023)

“Why our relational existence with all that is alive on Earth is essential for climate stewardship rather than focusing on the purely technological approach that is only too often foisted on us….”

El Niño is back: 5 Reasons why businesses must take action

(The OCHA/UNDP Connecting Business initiative, July 2023)

“Two areas of focus are key to prepare for El Niño: contingency plans and preparedness measures. […] It’s essential for businesses and industry associations to coordinate contingency plans and preparedness measures with governments….”

Celebrating Nature: Nurture Your Inner Climate Activist

(Impakter, January 2023)

“In learning from nature and recognizing our interconnectedness to it, we reconnect with awe and joy enabling us to better navigate the fraught times emerging, and act on behalf of nature because we belong…”

The Science of Empathy and War: Why it’s Time for Women to be in Charge

(Women’s Brain Project, April 2022)

“At the Women’s Brain Project, reviewing the evidence has led us to believe that there should be more women leaders, because such gender diversity in leadership could facilitate a collective shift leading to less conflict and wars…”

Author Interview with Claude Forthomme

(Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog, March 2022)

“Although Claude writes fiction, she points out that “Interpersonal communication is critical in life, so it inevitably becomes part of any novel I write. I consider fiction not ‘fiction’ but a mirror held up to contemporary life…””

Shattering the Status Quo: Investing in Women in STEM

(, December 2021)

“In many ways, the pandemic has shattered our society. One way in which the pandemic has already enabled us to rethink our systems is that it shone a light on the differences between men and women from a health perspective, paving the way for precision medicine.”

Author Interview with Ryan Artes

(Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog, November 2021)

“Ryan doesn’t offer a wrapped-up narrative. He wants what you read to sit with you – even if it’s uncomfortable and feels unfinished […] so you have to take what you read forward…”

Investing in Resilience: Learning from the Philippines

(Connecting Business initiative, November 2021)

“Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. In the context of disasters, this runs the gamut from preparing for emergencies to responding to crises and recovering from them. But what does that mean in practice?”

A Silver Bullet for Equitable Healthcare?

(, December 2020)

“Transformation is never easy. Whole theories exist around facilitating change, focusing on how to […] modify their patterns of behavior. Now imagine trying to change not just people, but a system such as the healthcare system. That is the promise and challenge around artificial intelligence (AI)…”

Making a Mountain of a Hill

(Medium, August 2019)

“People say Geneva is boring. I can only disagree. Any place that serves as a setting for what sounds like the start to a joke — “A muslim, a jew, and a hindu are stuck on a mountain…” — but is a recounting of your morning… it has potential, at the very least.”

My Secret Legacy

(Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog, November 2018)

“This is my secret. My thing; it’s a day off from the world. An annual tradition building on what is my greatest legacy. A legacy no one really knows about, or at least they don’t know it links back to me. I like it that way. It feels… right.”

The Hardest Thing About Love

(Thought Catalog, October 2017)

“The truth of the matter is, there is no absolute right way to love someone. […] One of the hardest things about love is finding that balance between accepting the love someone can give us and standing up for the love we deserve.”

A Time for Reflection

(Holstee, Mindful Matter Blog, 2017)

“I realized that I was rewiring my brain, teaching my eyes to see things they had until then never seen or known how to identify. […] Practice is the groundwork for success.”